01. He [spanked] his daughter after she pulled her brother's hair so hard that he began to cry.
02. My parents never [spanked] me when I was little because they didn't believe in hitting children.
03. Either you children stop fighting or you'll get a good [spanking].
04. In my opinion, [spanking] children simply teaches them that it is okay to use violence to solve their problems.
05. The child couldn't even feel it when her mother [spanked] her because her diaper was so thick.
06. My parents often [spanked] me when I was young, but I knew they loved me, and just did it to teach me right from wrong.
07. The Pasadena team [spanked] their opponents 5 - 0 in the final game of the tournament.
08. He was fired for sexually-harassing a woman in his office after he [spanked] her on the bum as she walked by his desk.
09. We heard the sound of someone being [spanked], and then a loud scream.
10. Charles Wiseman once said "We're going to raise a lost generation of children unless they are properly disciplined, and properly [spanked]."
11. The prostitute said some of her clients enjoyed being [spanked] until their bums were bright red and sore.
12. The little girl cried for an hour after her mother [spanked] her.
13. If you [spank] your son, he'll [spank] your grandson some day.
14. A recent study shows that children who are [spanked] for bad behavior are more likely to be aggressive or anxious than those who are disciplined in other ways.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

(with the open hand),

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